It's happened to all of us. You're lost in a literary world created just for you by the author of your latest read, when you encounter a mistake so glaring it knocks you right out of your fantasy world and into a state of disbelief. Really? A professionally published manuscript has a typo? Where was the editor? Did the author even proofread this thing?

As a reader, I am quite annoyed by this taboo. But as an author, I am at a loss for how this happens. I have spent tireless hours combing through my manuscript with a fine-toothed comb. Yet, I am scared to death that while I rest assured that my manuscript has been thoroughly combed by myself, eighty-seven readers, an agent, multiple times by my editor, and then again and again by me, somehow a little typo gremlin is going to come creeping out of the woodwork stroking his dastardly little mustache going, "Wah ha ha! How about an extra 'and' here…perhaps a missing 'the' there, and maybe the typo of all typos - a missing line! Wah ha ha!"

It could happen. They're scrappy, those little typo gremlins. But I can take 'em. They're not coming anywhere near my book. 

So as I sit down to do a final proof of the ebook version of my debut novel, I am poised to locate and destroy those typos like a literary sniper. Stay tuned for the total number of casualties...