Recently I have come across several articles more than a few times on Pinterest touting rules writers should follow when authoring fiction text. And I must say that it disturbs me each and every time. Some pinners are teachers and some are writers, but both are seeking out advice from professionals on how one can be considered a respectable writer. I would never scoff at advice from professional writers. I am an amateur at best and look upon successful writers in awe of both their writing and business expertise. I do, however, question anyone who would suggest a set of rules to reign in creativity. I disagree whole-heartedly that there should ever be any "rules" in regard to an art. And writing is just that - an art. Let's face it, if Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque would've followed all of the "rules" of art in their day, would we have ever seen the invention of cubism? I think not, my friends. Writers should break the mold. They should test the limits and color outside of the lines. And they should never, ever follow any "rules" such as the ones floating around social media these days. These rules upset me so much that I went on a passionate scavenger hunt in the recesses of my bookshelf and Nook library for examples of literary works that break the "rules" successfully. I am pleased to report that most of the books I scoured through (many of my favorites, by the way) break these rules with a vengeance. So you go ahead and use cliches; heck, they're a dime a dozen. And you begin a sentence with "And." By golly, you could even use a "said" synonym and (gasp!) pair it with an adverb. 

"Because you only live once," she exclaimed vehemently.